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Sponsorship Opportunities

"Won't You Be Our Sponsor?"

Mr. Rogers approached difficult and necessary topics in a way that touched the lives of millions. We will to do the same with our safety learning center and fire museum.  

Be a part of creating a one-of-a-king home where the topics are their own customized adventure. Our center and museum will intertwine technology and "wow" factor to engage interest and critical thinking skills. Additionally, who wouldn't be naturally curious about fire engine evolution and the tools carried then, and now.  

Our interactive learning experiences that will engage the senses of all ages. The exhibits at our museum will build community resilience while, at the same time,  preserve the heritage of the fire service.


As a sponsor, you will help save lives. We can all be heroes by answering the call. 



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The Classroom


The Collection

Storage Room


The History Gallery


The Academy





The Administration and Operations


The Lobby and Reception Area


The Changing Gallery and

Event Space


A Maker Space


A Library and Archive Space 


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