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The Backstory

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Fire Trucks and Fun Wrapped
Into One

What began as an avid passion for the collection of vintage firefighting equipment, apparatus, memorabilia and historical documents evolved over the years to include fire and life safety education. In recent years, our Board of Directors identified the unique opportunity to pour our passion for others into creating a museum that would save lives by infusing fun into safety learning experiences. 

The adventure experiences will be curated content that engages the senses to provide our visitors with an immersive experience.

The Story Highlights 

In 2003, local business people and fire safety experts met to discuss the formation of a fire museum and safety learning center in Southern California. The Notice of Interest Application was accepted and the group has been an active participant in Irvine Great Park-related  events over the years.

Additionally, the organized nonprofit participated in the City of Irvine Great Park Feasibility Study. In 2008, our fire museum concept received the "Specialty Museum" designation. The evaluation determined that fire museum project had "cultural and educational value for the region."


The Great Park Board members approved our project

5-0 after phase II of the Feasibility Study in 2010.


In 2023, the California Fire Museum and Safety Learning Center Board of Directors identified that a rebranding study would be beneficial in supporting the achievement of our vision and mission. The result was a new name, vision and mission statements, and logo


We welcome you to Call to Adventure at the California Fire Museum! We believe the discovery of learning how to live safely and resilient should be an adventure for everyone. We can all be heroes.

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  • Build and maintain multi-faceted learning programs to bring people and safety together


  • Curate interesting, authentic and easy to use content/exhibits


  • Create education plans for each exhibit


  • Instill confidence in individuals and their communities to mitigate risks


  • Inspire strategic partnerships

We Can All be Heroes

Call to Adventure at the California Fire Museum is seeking private and corporate sponsors to facilitate the construction and opening of the learning center and museum.

We encourage individuals or organizations interested in being a sponsor to learn more about Call to Adventure and the various opportunities. Email to schedule a meeting today.

Additionally, membership is open to all with multiple levels of membership plans. We welcome and embrace volunteer resource support. Join us in lighting the way for the future of safety and fire!

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